Shin Kin Enterprises Co., Ltd. is an experienced and professional exporting and manufacturing company founded in 1975. We specialize in design and production of high-performance fiber optic audio cables (digital optical audio cables) and their accessories. With a mission to provide a comprehensive solution and satisfaction for any fiber optic audio cable and digital optical audio accessory products that one (manufacturer, assembly factory, importer/exporter, distributors and wholesaler etc.) may demand for any consumer electronic products or customers throughout the worldwide markets.

We are Green procurement certified manufacturer with manufacturing location in Taiwan. Committed to high quality and reliability for nearly 40 years of manufacturing experiences, we enjoy the reputation of comprehensive quality control and production efficiency. Our team is service oriented and dynamic to meet every customer's requirements.

Shin Kin offer a full range of fiber optic audio cable assembly and digital optical audio accessory products. We not only focus on our own products, but also have abundant experience for OEM and ODM manufacturing projects. With our in-house manufacturing and engineering capabilities, we can deliver products and services that fully meet your needs without compromise. Please feel free to send us your inquiry or drawings, we will sure respond immediately and follow with samples for an approval if necessary.


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